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Pardon my language, but what the fuck. 

It's not like I thought that the United States were the utopia it likes to paint itself out to be in the "God Bless 'Murica" commercials filled with happy smiling white people or whatever, but what. The actual. Fuck? Is happening at Standing Rock right now? 

So what we have here is a pipeline being built, same type of construction that constantly leak crude oil all over America (I'm not exaggerating, Google that shit), and this one threaten to pollute Native American treaty land when it (inevitably) leak Black Death all over the place. Oh, and lets not forget about digging up their cementaries, because that's where the pipeline will be built! This is perfectly okay to do, because the pipeline will bring a whole forty jobs(!!!1!) to North Dakota! Heck yeah, jobs for everybody!! Who cares that the pipeline threatens to pollute the Missouri river and poison the drinking water of millions of people downstreams, because hell yeah, forty jobs!

And when the natives arrange peaceful protests, they're attacked - by the police, with tax payer money - with attack dog mercenaries, rubber bullets, tear gas, arrested for no reason and held (and illegally mistreated!) in jail, oh and LETS NOT FORGET THEY'RE ARRESTING THE JOURNALISTS, TOO, SO THAT THE WORD WON'T GET OUT!! IN ORDER TO PROTECT A PRIVATE OIL COMPANY THAT DO NOT HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE LAND THEY ARE BUILDING ON, AND WITH A HISTORY OF NOT CLEANING UP THEIR OWN PAST OIL LEAKS!

*inhales. exhales. inhales...*

God bless America. Your nation might not always deserve it, but you sure as hell need it. :stare:
Are you aware of any movies that do a good job playing with mirror reflections and camera angles? Me and a few friends are working on a live action film project where a character is going to have conversations with their own reflection, but we're having a hard time figuring out things like camera angles, lighting, and making it all look believable and sharp, without showing the camera/lamps in the mirrors/shop windows we'll be using to create our scenes. 

So we're looking for film makers who played with this little puzzle before us. Recall any movies that used mirrors like this? We'd be really grateful for any inspiration source to help us solve this! :) 
The precious cinnamon bun
Since everything I draw tend towards the direction of fire, death and chainmail mankini's, I figured I might challenge myself with something... a liiiiiittle different! xD

Reference from this youtube video:…
Flight Rising stuff. The Wildclaw dragon breed belongs to Stormlight Studios. 
With the worldwide release date of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby approaching, the pokemon gaming world is in a collective state of mass-hype! We will embark on yet another wonderful journey of magic, friendship, and beating little baby animals up for tournament money! If you are a pokemon fan, what is there to not be excited about!? In order to keep the hype alive and breathing, I've decided to hold a little art contest to celebrate this return to an old classic. 

The theme? Draw your own Pokemon OC's getting hyped up about the game release! 


  • The piece must be brand new and drawn for the contest.
  • It must contain at least one human (trainer or otherwise) and at least one pokemon , celebrating together somewhere in the pokemon universe. Canon characters are allowed, as long as the theme is followed.
  • At least three entries must be submitted before the deadline, or the contest will be closed down. 
  • One entry per person. 

What is a contest without prices!? A contest with no 'ooomph', what's what it is. Two winners will receive the following prices:

FIRST PLACE: Trainer OC + team of up to 6 pokemon, simple shadows + background.
SECOND PLACE: Trainer + one pokemon, flat colors

Current entries:

Extremely relevant features:

Onwards by TheEthelWulf

POKEMON ORAS by Dragons-RoarOMEGA Ruby ALPHA Sapphire by kawacyAlphaSapphire OmegaRuby by TwelvePM

Hoenn's starters by PinkGermyThings just got MEGA! by TapwingRestarT by irapstart
Hoenn Mega Starters in a Mega Battle by Phatmon[Wallpaper] Generation 3 by arkeis-pokemonPokemon ORAS : Welcome back by Sa-Dui




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